2006 Doctor On The Train

2006 Colourisation Video - Doctor On The Train

upload date: 11 Aug 2006

running time: unknown

soundtrack: 'Doctor On The Train' by Lionel Vinyl (LINK)

status: Deleted. No copy is known to exist.

The original (but now defunct) YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ikpAlZzhuo

It was deleted and re-uploaded a week later to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkklNdv4P-s


The very first Babelcolour video and I do not even remember it! I have just stumbled upon a reference to this unknown video via the roobarbs forum on zetaminor.com to which I once regularly posted.

I had joined YouTube on 10th August 2006. The following day - 11th August - I posted a link on the forum's YouTube Thread to showcase my very first upload. Apparently it was a colourisation video set to Lionel Vinyl's mash-up tune 'Doctor On The Train' which mixed Goldfrapp's hit 'Train' with KLF's 'Doctorin' The TARDIS'. My comments were "The compression has made it a little mushy and olive-green, but it does its job well enough I guess. Now I'd better get cracking and do some more..."

A forum post made on 23rd August reveals the original upload had disappeared and the video had been re-uploaded with a new URL.


No Gallery or visual reference for this video exists