2007 Foot Tapper

2007 Foot Tapper

upload date: 16 Sep 2007

running time: 03:19

soundtrack: '5678' by Steps (LINK)

status: Deleted. I have the original uploaded mp4 file

The original (but now defunct) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxedF-oAOF0


This was a catchy little video. Lots of clips of characters dancing, edited to the 1998 hit single by Steps.

The video however, was marred by heavy compression (YouTube once had a strict file-size limit and I only had a dial-up modem in the years before broadband, consequently the uploaded video files were all crushed down to the smallest of sizes). As well as the blurriness and pixellation, the video looked quite washed-out as well. It wasn't attractive.

It stayed on YouTube until September 2014, at which point I uploaded my 5678 remake and deleted the original.



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