2007 Prequel – The Rise of Morbius

2007 Babel's Prequel - The Rise of Morbius

upload date: 08 ‎Sep ‎2007

running time: 02:13

soundtrack: 'For A Darkened People' by EverybodyelsE (Martin Johnson)

status: Deleted. I retain the original uploaded mp4 file

The original (but now defunct) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uczq6V9PcF8


This video from September 2007 was my very first attempt at telling a new story by employing a mash-up of different media sources. The video incorporated clips from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Independence Day and Galaxy Quest, plus audio rips relating to Morbius in the movie 'Forbidden Planet'. It told of the rise of President Morbius and his exile, trial and execution. 

Unfortunately, the video wasn't graded and was very light and pale (I have corrected the balance for the screen-grabs below). As a consequence the video looked washed-pout and the shots from Star Wars too conspicuous (as the stormstroopers were no longer hidden amongst the shadows). I therefore deleted it from YouTube.


Below is the original audio track from the video



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