2007 Power of the Daleks Trailer

2007 Power of the Daleks In Colour

upload date: 23 September 2007

running time: unknown

soundtrack: 'I've Got The Power' by Snap (LINK)

status: Deleted. No copy is known to exist.

(I retain a couple of auxiliary files for the opening titles and some screen grabs from the main footage)

The original (but now defunct) YouTube URL: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vKIUBvi7iVU;


I must confess I don't remember a great deal about this one other than the catchy soundtrack, which tickled me at the time. Looking back on the screen-grabs I have I can see it wasn't very good. Dreadful typography (like all my early videos) and ungraded colourisations. It is so far removed from what I would make now it seems as if it was cobbled together by a different person entirely.


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