2008 The Invasion Teaser

2008 Master Plan In Colour Teaser Trailer

upload date: 26 ‎May ‎2008

running time: 01:04

soundtrack: 'Nyman Who' by Dancing Rat (LINK)

status: Deleted. I retain the original uploaded avi file.

Here is the original (but now defunct) YouTube URL: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hZLzdI5uCwE


This was one of a series of teaser trailers I put together in 2008. It was a slightly expanded version of the Invasion teaser I uploaded for the previous Christmas week.

However, my software was very basic, I had no facility to grade the colourisations and my monitor was also very poor. When I was eventually able to watch it on another computer screen I thought it looked pretty rough and consequently deleted it (and the others) from YouTube.


- babelcolour -