2008 New Who Gallery

2008 New Who Tribute

upload date: 10 Jan 2008

running time: 03:21

soundtrack: Escaflowne Battle Theme 'Dance of Curse' - composed by Yoko Kanno (LINK)

status: Deleted. I have the original uploaded avi file.


This video from 2008 was a bit of an odd beast. Despite the dramatic music, punctuated with sinister  quotes from The Beast in 'The Impossible Planet', the video had no clear focus or story to tell.

Ultimately, it was its aimlessness which spelt its demise and I deleted it from YouTube. 

For completists amongst you, here is the old (but now defunct) URL for 'The Babelcolour New Who Tribute': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuF4qf6nIWM


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