2009 Misinformation Guide

2009 The Doctor Who Misinformation Guide

upload date: 7 Apr 2009 at 23:20 GMT

running time: 03:58

soundtrack: (1) Doctor Who theme; (2) 'I Am A Dalek' by Art Attacks (1978);

(3) Miss Marple theme - composed by Ron Goodwin;

(4) 'Carry On Doctor' theme - composed by Eric Rogers

status: LIVE

It is available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJPhhaXiUTE


 For April Fools Day 2009 I created this little piece of silliness. I had no idea it would prove to be so popular, with around 85,000 views.

There was no script - I merely sat at the microphone and spouted complete nonsense. One point of note is that I actually cast John Hurt as the Doctor four years before he really got the job! He appears as the Doctor's fourth incarnation "Tom Baxter", dressed like Quentin Crisp.

I retain the original 1.2 GB avi file plus all the original voice-over recordings and photoshopped imagery. It is probably the video I retain the most original material for.


Below are two excerpts from the original audio recordings of the narration



Below are some of the original media files used to make the Misinformation Guide.



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