2010 Doolally Who

2010 Doolally Who

upload date: 18 Nov 2010 at 0:40 GMT

running time: 02:56

soundtrack: 'That Happy Feeling' by Bert Kaempfert (LINK)

recommendations: 'Doctor Who Magazine' issue 441

status: LIVE 

copyright restrictions - "Unavailable to view on some devices"

'Doolally Who' is on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6zVTqoNE_A


I like doing goofy videos. And they don't come much goofier than this.

A combination of face-pulling, noise-making and general silliness, all set to a catchy Bert Kaempfert track. What more could anyone want? 

I'm half-tempted to say "only" 63,000 views for one of my favourite videos, but I guess 63,000 is actually pretty good going! It was popular enough for people to ask for a sequel and, eventually, it spawned 'Doolally Two' in 2014.

"I wouldn't even say no to a salami sandwich!"




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