2011 The Babelcolour 3 Million

2011 The Babelcolour 3 Million

upload date: ‎16 ‎Mar ‎2011

running time: 02:27

soundtrack: 'New Soul' by Yael Naim (LINK)

status: Deleted. I retain the original uploaded avi file


Passing three million views was a really  big thing for me. To mark this milestone I deviated from making a Doctor Who-related video for the very first time on YouTube. I compiled a Babelcolour tribute to Babelcolour himself. It was a video by, and about, me - a compilation of home-movie footage shot by myself and friends over the proceeding two decades.

Ironically, having taken me so many years to reach 3 million this video was superseded in a year when I uploaded the Babelcolour 4 million tribute "Who The Hell Is That Babelcolour Bloke' in 2012.



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