2013 Babelcolour Promo - Fire & Ice

upload date: 17 Nov 2013

running time: 01:01

soundtrack: 'This Is Gallifrey' by Murray Gold (LINK)

narration: Oscar Humphryes-Smith (aged 4)

status: Deleted. I retain the original uploaded mp4 file


To mark Doctor Who's 50th anniversary on 23rd November 2013, I uploaded this little promo to mark my output on YouTube over the preceding 7 years, including a number of clips from works that were no longer available, including my Morbius Prequel from 2007. The narration had been recorded on 25th September 2011 and incorporated into this video. It was no more than a compilation of clips from extant Babelcolour videos. Once the anniversary had passed I removed it from my channel. 


Below is the original audio track from the video



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