2015 Babyfish DVD Commentary

2015 Babyfish DVD Commentary - The Mind Of Evil (April Fools)

upload date: 31 Mar 2015 at 23:00 GMT

running time: 02:58

status: exists, but unlisted from my channel


I never miss an opportunity to make something silly! From my 'Misinformation Guide' in 2009 to the 'Babyfish Commentary' in 2015, I try to celebrate April Fools and not take myself too seriously.

"Blue is a 'coleur.' And a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely colour too!"

The premise was a supposedly "deleted" commentary for the 'Mind of Evil' DVD release, in which I am portrayed as an incoherent old fool, bumbling my way through a series of random and barely discernible exclamations. The opening narration, to accompany the introductory sock-puppet, was performed by Mert Karaca. The bumbling old windbag was, of course, me. The commentary was then complimented (or is that "insulted?) by a truly hideous example of mis-colourisation! I think the whole thing was a little too left-field and confused a lot of viewers. Ultimately, I decided to unlist it. 

"Who the hell wrote this crap?"

You can still watch it via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWEd-BHo87o




"Yes. Well, I'm Babelcolour. And I'm here via the magic of technology.

No. It's not actually 'magic'. Some might - but I don't - use wands or hats... "You Shall not Pass!"....

Not magic; that would be insane: It's the technology of technology.

And blue! Blue.

I obviously (well, not "obviously", no. I wouldn't want to assume either way) but obvious to me; but blue is a colour.

And a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely colour too!

And skies! Skies, I like to image... Well, there are lots of things I, er, but not suitable for here! I like to imagine skies are blue.

But blue is certainly a colour!


One can't deny (well, one can! One can deny, yes, of course!) but ..........................."