2016 True Colours

2016 Doctor Who In Colour: True Colours

upload date: 16 Jan 2016 at 17:14 GMT

running time: 03:08

soundtrack: 'True Colors' (Live Version) by Cyndi Lauper (LINK)

recommendations: 'Doctor Who Magazine' issue 496

status: LIVE

copyright restrictions - "video blocked in Germany"

'True Colours' is available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJhtkJ7Vg6E


 To mark ten years on YouTube I decided to remake two old colourisation classics that had been removed many years ago. One of these, of course, had to be my 'True Colours' video which had been my first notable colourisation success on YouTube way back in 2007. 

It wasn't so much a "remake" as a tribute to the original. It used the same song albeit a different version of the track and incorporated brand new colourisations.

I had intended this video to be my swansong from YouTube, with plans to retire after ten years of production. A combination of fatigue from working so many months on 'The Ten Doctors Part 4' and the on-going battle with depression that has blighted recent years on YouTube led to the announcement on social media that this would be my final upload. This is why 'Doctor Who Magazine' recommended it as the "final" Babelcolour video. But as the weeks passed into months and my state of mind returned to normal, I began to wonder whether I might one day return to YouTube and consequently back-peddled on my earlier claims. I announced that I would actually make occasional returns, maybe once or twice a year, as the urge took me. The regular output may have come to an end but Babelcolour will live on.





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