About The Ten Doctors
Back in 2009 I embarked on an project to produce a new 40-minute ‘Doctor Who’ video-drama which starred all the actors to have played the eponymous hero on TV.
With no new footage to be filmed and no participation from the lead actors (three of whom had sadly passed away) I was faced with constructing a dramatic yet logical narrative using only archive footage (albeit augmented by special effects) and new voice-over work. In total I produced 98 FX shots in episode one, 139 in episode two and over 200 for episode three.

I wrote and recorded the lines for the Time Lord ‘Voice’ myself, although in Episode Three I was lucky enough to utilise the very clever vocal talents of Jonathon Carley to create new dialogue as David Tennant’s tenth Doctor.
With only very basic equipment (Pinnacle Studio 9 and Adobe Photoshop 7) I created all the FX shots myself, chiefly working frame-by-frame. As a consequence of this laborious process each episode took several months to complete – part three taking me six months work due to the high number of special effects required.
I had just begun thinking about the concluding fourth instalment when I received a call to work on the re-colourising of episode one of ‘The Mind of Evil’ for release by BBC Worldwide. This project took 18 months to complete during which time I had no opportunity to consider the continuation of the quadrilogy.
A fortnight after the première of the ‘Mind of Evil’ colourisation at the British Film Institute, my YouTube Channel was hit by a copyright strike instigated by BBC Worldwide who removed The Ten Doctors Part One. My appeal against their decision was dismissed. With the first instalment gone I therefore abandoned the project in the face of somewhat persistent requests from fans to finish the story.
The clamour to resolve the narrative has continued unabated and so I have returned to Episode 4… I remade and  re-mastered versions of the other episodes for this site and have currently completed 50% of the scenes necessary to conclude the adventure.
Stay tuned!
You may freely download this 56-page pdf script file (3mb) which transcribes the first three episodes.