Film & Video Colourisation

Here is a gallery of 16mm film screengrabs (alternatively known as ‘screenshots’ or “‘screen captures’) from the Babelcolour back catalogue of video and film colourisation work.

Colourised photographs are designed to stand alone and be seen in isolation, whereas a single frame of video work is merely one of thousands of cogs which are designed to work together in unison to sell the illusion of colour in motion.

Unlike 35mm film stock used for movie colourisation, the footage colourised in these sequences derived from much lower resolution telerecordings on 16mm film, where a camera is pointed at a television screen to capture the original PAL video output. Consequently the details and resolution is considerably lower than would otherwise be achieved with better quality monochrome footage.

The galleries elsewhere on are arranged chronologically by season and by story. This gallery however, is designed for the more general purpose of displaying a wider cross-section of video colourisation work from 1960s and 70s Doctor Who. I hope it whets your appetite for the magical world of Babelcolour video art.