Welcome to the Babelcolour website

Hello, I’m Babelcolour – the on-line name of Stuart Humphryes – a colourising artist and video editor best known for my work involving the BBC TV Series Doctor Who. This new site shares some of my video editing and colourisation works that have received recommendations from BBC America, The Guardian, The Radio Times,¬†SFX Magazine as well as the official¬†Doctor Who Magazine.

You’ll also find information and reviews of the official colourisation work I have completed for the BBC’s ‘Terror of the Zygons’, ‘Mind of Evil’ and ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ DVD releases, as well as details of the British Film institute premiere of the colourisation work on ‘The Mind of Evil‘ – the results from which have been aired on the BBC evening news.

I have also included my published print work as well various interviews I have given over the years. You’ll find press cuttings and podcasts which relate to my work and even clips of my TV appearances. Everything Babelcolour is hidden in the pages of this site!

And for fans of my continuing output from YouTube you can also find plenty of videos to keep you occupied too, including my ‘Ten Doctors’ Quadrilogy which is in the process of being completed right now. My YouTube Channel has over four-and-a-half-million hits and some 13,600 subscribers; so if you’d like to keep up to date on what’s next, click the Twitter button in the corner of this page and follow my updates on Twitter – you never know what you might be missing!

With a massive thank you to all the loyal fans who have supported the work and to the industry who have taken note of my colourisation works, I extend a very warm welcome to the Wonderful World of Babelcolour.

Site launched September 2012

Below is a selection of video screen-grabs from colourisation work completed over the last couple of years. The picture quality varies between 16mm telecined 405 line video footage to 35mm film negatives.