Timeless Doctors Crew

Behind The Scenes

Stuart Humphryes

- Writer, Producer, Director, Video Editor, Sound Designer & SFX Artist

Known by his on-line moniker BabelColour since 2006, Stuart first wrote and produced the original Ten Doctor's web serial in September 2009, upon which the opening of 'The Timeless Doctors' is based. Since then, the episodes and associated trailers have passed beyond a million views. Episode 3 was premiered at the Armada Con 23 Doctor Who Convention before its release and Digital Spy voted the work amongst 'The 8 Most Amazing Fan Videos on YouTube'. The story was recommended by SFX Magazine [March 2010] and had features in the Huston Press and a beautiful multi-page article in Theta Morbius Times magazine. The minutia of the story was also wonderfully analysed by the TV Tropes website HERE. The first 3 trailers for the Timeless Doctors re-imagining received the monthly YouTube recommendations from Doctor Who Magazine, issues #546, #573 and #577. The Re-Imagined version has been rebuilt from scratch, telling the same opening narrative with a new script, using new footage and newly recorded dialogue. Hundreds of special FX have been created by Stuart for this new fan-film including CGI, compositing and colourisation shots. You can follow the BabelColour Twitter feed HERE.


Andi Warren

- Composer

Andi is a composer with a particular interest in retrofuturist aesthetics and bridging the gaps between the traditional and experimental, gaining inspiration from the works of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and King Crimson. This fusion is perfectly suited to the era-collided subject matter of the Ten Doctors Re-Imagined and, I have to say, I have been completely blown me away with the amazing quality of composition for this project and Andi's interpretation of the theme tune is the best re-working I think I've ever heard! You can enjoy a selection of their Doctor Who-related compositions on the Gwylock1 YouTube Channel and Soundcloud channel, or follow their Zagreus Twitter feed HERE and Tumblr channel HERE


Peter Phillips

- Principal SFX Artist

Peter is a tremendously talented VFX artist working in film and television. His credits include FX work for Series 10 of Doctor Who and the spin-off series ‘Class’, as well as ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’, ‘The Crimes of Gridelwald’ and ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’. You can enjoy an example of his work via his showreel HERE. Peter is bringing his considerable skills to the Ten Doctors project, with some astounding FX shots which will be discussed in fandom for a very long time to come! You can subscribe to Peter's YouTube Channel HERE and follow him on social media via his Twitter feed HERE.


Jacob Booth

- SFX Artist

Jacob is known in Doctor Who Fandom as The Confession Dial on YouTube. For the re-imagined Ten Doctors project he has brought a wide skillset of matte painting, compositing, CGI and motion graphics. You can see an example of his fantastic digital manipulation skills HERE. You can follow Jake on social media via his Twitter feed HERE.



- CGI Design & Rendering

NeonVisual is the visual effects company directed by Xander David-Hugh, a UK VFX Artist with an amazing flair for CGI. His 3D designs and renders, relating to Doctor Who and the Star Trek franchise, have generated a huge following on the NeonVisual YouTube Channel HEREHis work has been featured by BBC News and is available for download from his website HERE. Xander has not merely provided the project with some of his amazing CGI back catalogue but is also designing and animating a dazzling array of brand new TARDIS sequences for the project. You can view a stunning example of Xander's CGI rendering HERE. You can follow NeonVisual on social media via the Twitter feed HERE.


Dayle Andrew Smith

- CGI Design & Rendering

Dayle Andrew Smith - known to fans online as Dalliias - is a CGI Artist working in Architecture Visualisation and B2B Marketing, creating CGI concepts for numerous architectural projects in London and overseas. With a passion for Doctor Who, he has shared is impressive portfolio of work on multiple web platforms, which can be accessed via Link Tree. You can also follow his social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. He has brought his considerable talents to bear on a key sequence in the movie, with amazing concept design and rendering.


Harry Robins

- Digital Artist (Upscaling, Facial Mapping)

Harry is a filmaker and VFX artist who created the 2017 short film 'A Tea Odyssey' and animated Episode 7 of Stuart Hardy's Class series. For The Timeless Doctors they have upscaled classic 16mm location footage for maximum clarity, as well as some very clever facial mapping and CGI compositing work. You can follow Harry's Twitter account HERE and YouTube Channels HERE and HERE. You can view an example of their 4K upscaling results HERE.


Tim Hodges

- CGI Design & Rendering

Tim is a 3D modelling Lecturer and CG artist. His YouTube channel is called Theta Sigma which includes a genuinely stunning array of original TARDIS designs, beautifully built and rendered. You can experience his artistry HERE. He is also known as ThetaSigma11235 and can be followed on Twitter, DeviantArt and Artstation where he regularly posts his content. He has created some truly astounding work for the Timeless Doctors film.


David Blyth

- Ai Voice Cloning

David is a writer, video editor and A.I. voice manipulator. His past Doctor Who fan credentials include the ‘Ainley Cut’ of the Doctor Who Television Movie and The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith repurposed as a 2009 era David Tennant special. For The Timeless Doctors, he has utilised voice cloning technology to provide new lines for a few sadly departed actors, including Helen Blatch as the voice of the Matrix and John Franklyn-Robbins as the voice of a Division Operative - little easter eggs to treat knowledgeable fans of the series! David's work outside of Doctor Who includes the Spider-Man audio play ‘The Rescue’.

You can follow David's blog here Zaredit Website


Anthony Lamb

- CGI Design & Rendering

A highly accomplished graphic designer, producing creative material for the likes of BBC Studios, Coolabi Group, Big Finish Productions and Nickelodeon, plus many other clients, he is best known to Doctor Who fans for his stunning work on over 120 Big Finish releases and his truly spectacular Dalek renders for Doctor Who Magazine and Twitter. He has been gracious enough to create a fabulous CGI Dalek shot for the Timeless Doctors movie. You can find Anthony's work on Twitter HERE.


Anne-Laure Tuduri

- CGI Design & Rendering

Anne-Laure  is a recently graduated French 3D artist and illustrator whose work has ranged from video games to animated shorts and is currently pursuing personal projects via various Doctor Who fan ventures such as Time Scope and Unbound: An Adventure in Time and Space. Anne-Laure loves creating CGI design visuals for Doctor Who and its extended universe and is utilising considerable CGI design and render skills to build a very important device in The Timeless Doctors drama! You can find Anne-Laure's work on on Artstation HERE and social media feed on Twitter HERE.


Dave Ladkin

- 3D CGI Design & Rendering

Dave has contributed CG elements to various Big Finish covers, recreated the Time Lords' space station for the Season 23 Collection blu-ray boxset cover and created various elements in the TARDIS Instructional Manual. He also designed the Dalek Time Squad (including the Emperor) for The Time Lord Victorious range. His stunning CGI creations bring an array of historic TARDISes and The Hand of Omega to the movie! His Facebook Artwork Page can be followed HERE and his Twitter feed HERE.


Matthew Toffolo

- Modelwork

Matthew is a video editor for The Yogscast and is known within Doctor Who fandom for the reviews and stop-motion animations on his YouTube channel, batmanmarch. He also produced and presented the pre-shows for Doctor Who on Twitch in 2018 and is one half of The Review of Death, which presents a tongue-in-cheek discussion of Doctor Who past and present. He currently acts as the Brand Consultant for Big Chief Studios' Doctor Who range, specialising in researching costumes and props from the classic series. For The Timeless Doctors he has provided live-action miniature work of highly detailed TARDIS models built from 1/6th Scale kits created by Jamie Bate. You can follow Matthew on Twitter HERE and find his YouTube channel HERE.

Jon Kearey

- Modelwork

Jon is a model builder, currently aiming to handmake every classic TV and movie variant Dalek in fibreglass at 1:5 scale. His eye for precision,  accuracy and detail has won him a swathe of admirers on social media, and he has brought together a handful of his amazing builds to bulster the Dalek hordes seen in The Timeless Doctors. For this venture, Jon has been filming his incredible models around the country, from manor houses to sand pits, recreating pivitol moments in the movie's battle sequences. You can follow Jon's Twitter feed HERE.

Timothy K Brown

- Colourisation Artist

Timothy K - known online as ‘That’s Chroma’ - is a colourisation artist and amateur restorer of vintage British television. Timothy has provided two beautifully colourised shots of William Hartnell in the Totter's Lane junkyard, for use during a dramatic flashback sequence in the film. You can follow and enjoy Timothy's work online via his YouTube channel HERE and his Twitter feed HERE.

Clayton Hickman

- Colourisation & Graphics

Clay is an artist and graphic designer, responsible for most of the BBC’s classic series DVD covers, many early Big Finish covers, Russell T Davies’ book The Writer’s Tale and, more recently, covers for Silva Screen’s ‘Doctor Who’ soundtrack CDs and the ‘Doctor Who’ Figurine Collection. In a former life he was editor of both Doctor Who Magazine and a writer for BBC One’s The Sarah Jane Adventures and Wizards vs Aliens. Clay has provided period design graphics for on-screen compositing shots and his colourised photograph of the Totters Lane Junkyard has provided the basis for a couple of exciting sequences! His Twitter feed HERE is chock-full of photo colourisations and TARDIS facts, and he sells a frightening array of obscure Who-based designs via his Redbubble store HERE 


Jaspreet Singh

- Special Sound [Disk Room & Regression Scenes]

Jas is a freelance sound designer who has worked on BBC Radio Stoke as a producer, presenter and broadcast assistant. He created BBC Radio Stoke's docu-drama looking at the history of the sounds behind Doctor Who, entitled "The Sound of the WHOniverse". On The Timeless Doctors Jas has provided special audio effects and soundscaping to enhance three scenes in themovie - an early Disc Room scene, its Regression scene and also the gun turrets of the battle TARDIS. You can follow Jas on social media via his Twitter feed HERE and his YouTube channel HERE.


Other Contributing Artists


Additional Contributors

In conjunction with the team of artists producing original FX work specifically for The Timeless Doctors, there is a further layer of contributing creatives who have very generously allowed some of their pre-existing artistry to be incorporated into the drama. Amazingly talented names in the field of CGI and 3D design have rendered an array of stunning shots which they have graciously allowed to be included in the project.

Ben Pickles

- SFX Contributor

Ben is best known for designing the current Doctor Who title sequence for the last couple of Jodie Whittaker seasons on the BBC. He is also renowned as erstwhile YouTuber John Smith, whose creations (including the amazingly popular Wholock video) catapulted him into the public consciousness. He has very graciously supplied a couple of his outstanding CGI creations for use in the film.


Stefano Baldin

- SFX Contributor

Steve is an extremely talented motion designer, who's creations in Blender are par excellence. His stunning design & render of the TARDIS traversing an asteroid field brings an amazing moment of beauty and skill to the movie which is guaranteed to amaze fans. You can follow Steve's work on social media via his Twitter feed HERE and his Instagram account HERE and enjoy his web portfolio via his website HERE


Chris Thompson

- SFX Contributor

Chris is a hugely regarded animator and CGI artist who has produced remarkable work for Big Finish. His Dalek designs were also commissioned for publication by Who Dares Publishing. His stunning CGI "unbound" TARDIS interior and CGi Quarks are being incorporated into the Timeless Doctors and is guaranteed to amaze fans! You can see some of Chris' extensive work on his website HERE and follow his Twitter feed HERE.


Andrew Orton

- SFX Contributor

Andrew is an animator, designer and a television historian, having authored books on Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Robin of Sherwood. As well as a writer, Andrew is a digital and graphic artist and a colourist for Cutaway Comics. His stunning 3D renders of Doctor Who studio sets have taken social media by storm, and we are immensely grateful that Andrew has kindly gifted his CGI recreation of Rassilon's Time Scoop chamber for use in our movie. You can follow Andrews YouTube channel HERE and his Twitter/X feed is HERE. If you would like to leave a tip of appreciation on Andrew's ko-fi page, the link is HERE.


Ben May

- SFX Contributor

Ben is a freelance prop maker. His projects have included replica builds of Daleks and the Brachacki-designed Hartnell TARDIS. During the recent lockdown, Ben has honed his 3D modelling skills to produce amazing CGI renders of the Hartnell TARDIS interior and console, which have generated considerable admiration on-line. I am absolutely delighted that Ben has permitted his CGI artistry to be incorporated into the Timeless Doctors movie. You can follow Ben's Twitter feed HERE.


Oliver Chenery

- SFX Contributor

Oliver is a Motion Graphics designer known on-line as OChenery. His CGI renders of the planet Gallifrey, originally created for Big Finish, are incorporated into The 'Timeless Doctors'.


Rob Semenoff

- SFX Contributor

Rob is a graphic designer, animator and visual effects creator. Many thanks to Rob for graciously allowing us to utilise his CGI renders of the Dark Tower interior  in the film, during a flashback sequence to the origins of the Death Zone!


Xisco Lozano

- SFX Contributor

Many thanks to Xisco for providing some photographic composite shots of the "Xoanon Doctors" and Ruth Clayton, for use on the Morbius Mind-bending screen!


Jacob Keith

- SFX Contributor

Many thanks to Jake for providing his splendid composite artwork of a young William Hartnell in Gallifreyan robes, for use in a couple of flashback shots


Matthieu Picard

- SFX Contributor

Thanks also go to Matthieu Picard for allowing use of his 3D CGI build of Wiliam Hartnell's head & shoulders for use in a composite shot, depicting a statue of Hartnell's Doctor in ancient Greece.


- The Translation and Time-coding of Subtitles 

Turkish subtitles by Umut ÇEvik


Special thanks to Steve Bartlett and Richard Bignell. Also our thanks go to Tim Hill for his Trial room concept art, to TARDISElliot for providing some unscored audio material for the film and to Twitter's Spankybackpack for kindly allowing three of their video shots to be used in our film.