The Babelcolour News Page is the place for all the latest updates on the Wonderful World of Babelcolour - with news, colourisations, YouTube uploads and work-in-progess.

March 2021

The March issue of the French youth magazine 'Topo'

features a double-page article on my autochrome enhancement work.

November 2020

The December issue of 'Wild West Magazine'

features my restoration work and colourisation of Billy the Kid.

25th October 2020

An interview with me and a feature on my restoration work in 'The National' newspaper.

See link below 


October 2020

I have temporarily reinstated the "contact form" to my website, to see if the function is working.

Due to long-standing issues with my webserver I had to remove the contact page for a couple of months.

If anyone has tried, I do apologise for not being aware of your communications, or the issue. I cannot currently guarantee that it is working again

07 May 2019

I am very proud indeed to have received Thanks credits on two webcast episodes:

The heartbreaking 'Farewell, Sarah Jane' by the ever-sensational Russell T Davies

and the bewitching 'Pompadour' by the equally spellbinding Steven Moffat

03 May 2020

A lovely feature about me in this morning's Mail on Sunday

covering the colourisation work I did for The Royal Mail's commemorative coins sets for VE Day

26 April 2020

After rather a long absence from this site I thought I should remember to update it occasionally!

To that end, I can happily announce that my colourisation work of the VE Day celebrations of 1945 will be appearing in the Royal Mail's special £2 coin presentation packs commemorating 75 years since Victory In Europe Day, which will go on sale in post offices from 8th May 2020.

27 June 2020

Fans of my 2009 web-series 'The Ten Doctors' will be pleased to learn that I am currently working on

a special 10th Anniversary re-visitation of the drama. Click on the image for more information

16 February 2019

Here's an interview with me and a nice Feature & Gallery in the London Evening Stardard.

spotlighting some of my historic and Doctor Who Colourisations.

(Click photo to visit article)

31 August 2018

Here's an interview with me and a little feature in the Edinburgh News.

relating to a video I have edited for Twitter, showing Scotland in the 1930s

(Click photo to visit article)

19 August 2018

An little feature in the Daily Mail about one of the Twitter videos I have edited & uploaded

Showing London in colour during the 1920's

(Click photo to visit article)

22 December 2017

In preparation for next week's Christmas Special 'Twice Upon A Time'

I have colourised a photograph of the first Doctor.

04 May 2017

Extremely hapopy to find that my latest video - 'Doctor Who - The Almost Doctors Part 2: The 1970s' -

has been recommended in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, June issue #512.

Thank you DWM.

issue 512

26 March 2017


I have uploaded a new video to YouTube

it is episode  2 of a new series entitled 'The Almost Doctors'


09 February 2016


I'm thrilled to find that my video tribute- 'Missy and the Masters' -

has been recommended in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, March issue #509

Thank you DWM.

issue 509

28 January 2017


I have created a new colourisation video to celebrate 10 years of Babelcolour on YouTube

It is a montage of the hundreds of colourised sequences I have produced on-line and for the

official BBC DVD range.



2017 Raindancer



17 January 2017


I have uploaded a new video to YouTube - it is a remake of my 2007 Master tribute

Now re-titled 'Missy & the Master'


30 December 2016


A new Babelcolour video is now available on YouTube - it is a long-awaited tribute to the Cybermen.

The tribute is entitled 'The Steel That Kills'


16 December 2016


Delighted to find that my newest video - Part Two of my 'Doctor Who Misinformation Guide' -

has been recommended in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, December issue #507.

Thank you DWM.


10 November 2016 


Today I have uploaded a brand new Babelcolour video - the second instalment of

my old 2009 Misinformation Guide. I hope it brings a smile to your hearts,

12 October 2016


After a short hiatus I have re-materialised to upload a new YouTube video.

It is a short hand-colourised trailer for the 1966 Doctor Who serial 'Power of the Daleks'

which is missing from the BBC film archive but has been re-animated for DVD release

later this year. The short trailer utilises some colourised fragments of surviving footage.


10 June 2016

I have added a new feature to the website: The Babelcolour Back Catalogue.

The project catalogues all 124 Babelcolour videos produced over the last decade, including the 55 which are no longer available to view on YouTube.

The tables arrange the titles chronologically, with upload date and availability status. 

The page links to those videos which remain live and offers visual material for deleted works.

The project is still on-going but substantially complete.




03 June 2016

Something a little out of the ordinary -

I have recorded my first voice-over work for a non-Babelcolour production!

I provided the opening narration for a 2016 animated short by Mert Karaca entitled 'Kahraman'


01 June 2016

I have now completed the 75th colourised shot for my forthcoming on-line video.

The project entails the colourisation of clips from all 134 Hartnell episodes, meaning 59 sequence remain outstanding.

The process is labour-intensive without the use of motion estimation software, but the end is now in sight!



12 May 2016

Work is progressing on the new Babelcolour video, entitled 'Every Hartnell Episode In Colour', which is due to be uploaded later in the year. Of the 134 episodes to be represented, 65 individual video sequences have now been completed, leaving 69 still to do. Episodes currently missing from the BBC Archives will be represented using video sequences from adjacent, surviving episodes. For those that have no extant footage remaining they will be recreated using animated and colourised stills.



02 May 2016

The Babelcolour Twitter Channel has come to a close. It will be retained but left dormant. After several years on the social media site I have decided my energies would be better placed splitting updates between my website page here and the Babelcolour Fan Page on Facebook. 

Cave of Skulls


Trap of Steel

01 May 2016

I am currently working an on a brand new video project, entitled 'Every William Hartnell Episode In Colour'. 

It is a compendium of 134 colourised episodes chronicling the First Doctor's tenure from 'An Unearthly Child' in 1963 to 'The Tenth Planet' in 1966.