Timeless Doctors Info

Movie Information

'The Timeless Doctors' is a brand new 2-hour 30 minutes, multi-Doctor fan-film, inspired by and expanding upon the 2009 BabelColour web-drama The Ten Doctors.

Production commenced in March 2019 and has been more than 5 years in the making. It was originally intended as a 10th anniversary re-imagining of the original 45-minute Ten Doctors , but this soon changed when the scope and ambition of the film grew. It now runs almost 4 times the duration of the original production and contains many hundreds of brand new FX shots created especially for the film.

The story was penned by Stuart Humphryes, who has also edited and directed the feature. Stuart has project-managed the movie over the last five years, securing contributions from some of fandom's most talented creatives. Principal guest FX artist has been Peter Phillips, who has contributed innumerable effect shots for the film, bolstered by the truly outstanding work of many well-known names from Fandom & YouTube, such as NeonVisual, Dalliias, Theta Sigma and The Confession Dial. A full run-down of the amazing talent on display can be found on the movie's Crew page HERE.

The production's editing techniques are inspired by such movies as 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid', and TV productions such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's 'Trials and Tribble-ations'. Our movie cleverly weaves archive footage from Doctor Who and recycled clips from more than 400 movies, TV shows and YouTube shorts with newly created special effects, modelwork and voice acting to produce a spectacular new adventure in time and space. Our movie boasts many hundreds of new FX shots, such as CGI builds, colourisation work and deepfake effects (plus the appearance of some very special guest artists) to make this a fan venture unlike anything you've ever seen before, in any franchise!

A decision has recently been reached to split the movie from a single 2hr 30min feature into three separate episodes, which will be released and streamed online simultaneously, so fans will have the choice to either stagger their viewing or binge-watch the whole thing! Running times of the individual episodes are currently (and approximately) as follows:

Episode One (35 minutes)

Episode Two (50 minutes)

Episode Three (1 hour)


This is an unofficial Fan-Film, not linked to, sanctioned by, or licenced from the BBC. It is an entirely amateur production, created by volunteers on a purely non-commercial basis. The movie will not be commercially exploited, monetised or hidden behind a paywall. Nor will it be linked to any advertising revenue or paid screenings. It is an entirely not-for-profit venture, made with zero budget and a lot of love. It does not claim copyright on the source material, nor does it seek to superseed any existing copyright, It is just a slice of amateur fun, made by fans for the free enjoyment of fellow fans.

You can check our more formal information on IMDb here: Timeless Doctors IMDb Entry

Location Filming

A small amount of location filming has taken place, for various model shots and cutaway sequences. These include shots at the following locales:

Dundridge Park in Bristol (filmed by Matthew Toffolo)

Reddish Manor, Sonning Common, Reading (filmed by Jon Kearey)

The sand dunes of Barton-on-Sea, New Milton, Dorset (filmed by Jon Kearey)


About the Film

The aims of a Doctor Who fan-film are very different from the objectives of the original BBC TV series.

The TV series needs to be accesisble to the general public, and engage casual viewers. A fan-film can forego such constraints because it is made by fans for fellow fans, and so there is already a pre-existing expectation that viewers will be familiar with the mythos and lore of the series. We won't need to explain at any length who the Fugitive Doctor is, we can take things for read in the knowledge that viewers will already have a certain understanding and vocabulary. And so the movie unpicks the established mythos of the Time Lords, the Old Time, and the founders Rassilon and Omega, and shows how they all connect and relate to The Timeless Child.

Everything you have heard about the Time Lords and their history will be seen in the movie. We revist Rassilon and Omega in the Old Time, the capturing of the Eye of Harmony, the creation of Validium, the construction of the De-Mat gun and Gallifrey's quantum force-field. We witness the Time Lord bow ships engage the Great Vampire hordes, and the time-looping of the Fendahl's home planet. We'll see the destruction of Minyos, the creation of the Hand of Omega, the tethering of the Mouri in the Temple of Atropos, the imprisonment of Salyavin and much, much more.

When incarnations of the Doctor are kidnapped from the space-time continuum, the remaining incarnations must band together to hunt them down and recover their previous selves before their entire regenerative cycle collapses. Time is ticking as they locate and retrieve surviving iterations of themselves. But all the while they are being drawn inexorably towards the planet Raston and darker battles in Gallifrey's distant past. Who is guiding their hand? Who is behind the abductions? And how long has the Doctor really lived?