Timeless Doctors Info

Movie Information

'The Timeless Doctors' is a brand new 2-hour, multi-Doctor fan-film, expanding upon and re-imagining the 2009 BabelColour web-drama 'The Ten Doctors'.

Production began in March 2019 and has been more 4 years in the making. The premise is inspired by such movies as 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid', cleverly weaving archive film footage and recycled clips from more than 400 movies with newly created special effects, modelwork and voice acting to produce a spectacular new adventure in time and space. This repurposed footage is also augmented with a newly filmed inserts, miniature work and a bespoke musical score, with hundreds of CGI shots, plus colourisation work and deepfake effects - plus the appearance of very special guest artists - to make this a fan venture unlike anything you've ever seen before!

You can check our more formal information on IMDb here: Timeless Doctors IMDb Entry

Location Filming

A small amount of location filming has taken place, for various model shots and cutaway sequences. These include shots at the following locales:

Dundridge Park in Bristol (filmed by Matthew Toffolo)

Reddish Manor, Sonning Common, Reading (filmed by Jon Kearey)

The sand dunes of Barton-on-Sea, New Milton, Dorset (filmed by Jon Kearey)