Daleks on DVD

In 2005, myself and James Russell collaborated on a project to colourise a one-minute film sequence from The Nightmare Begins – episode one of the twelve-part Daleks’ Master Plan story from 1965.

As colourising artist, I produced the colour key-frames and James used his bespoke motion-estimation software to interpolate the intervening video frames into full colour. An extract was incorporated into the ‘Dalek Tapes’ documentary on the Genesis of the Daleks DVD release.

This early work was as much an experiment for myself as it was for James Russell’s new process. In hindsight I think the colour application was rather mediocre due to the fact I was producing the key-frames on a laptop computer with a poor screen and a heavy green bias. Nevertheless, fan reaction to the appearance of the footage was positive.

Details of my other colourisation work for the BBC Doctor Who DVD range can be seen here: Terror of the Zygons and here: The Mind of Evil