The Babelcolour Back Catalogue

Below is an attempt to compile a definitive list of Babelcolour YouTube videos created between 2006-2017.

I joined YouTube on 10th August 2006. I have uploaded the 131 videos listed below. 74 remain available on my channel. As of April 2017 they have attained 7,158,000 views, making an average view, per Babelcolour upload, of just under 100,000 hits each.

The missing videos have disappeared due to a combination of copyright strikes, user deletions and YouTube’s old policy of muting soundtracks for third party music, before the current system of placing ads was introduced. The tables below indicate whether the video is still available. Only a handful of “deleted” videos were ever retained and the majority have been lost forever.

The ‘INFO’ button adjacent to many of the older videos provides further information, including running times, soundtracks and screen-grabs.


Doctor Who: Every Story (updated)due Christmas 2017pending
Every Hartnell Episode In ColourpendingpendingINFO
The Time War Chronicles II - The Warpendingpending
The Almost Doctors Part III: The 1980spendingpending
The Almost Doctors Part I: The 1960spendingpending
The Almost Doctors Part II: The 1970s25 Mar 2017watch video
Calling Doctor Who - 10 Years of Babelcolour28 Jan 2017watch video
Missy & The Master Tribute (remake)17 Jan 2017watch video


Cybermen! The Steel That Kills30 Dec 2016watch video
Babelcolour Christmas (remake)17 Dec 2016watch video
Doctor Who Misinformation Guide Part 210 Nov 2016watch video
Doctor Who in Colour - Power of the Daleks Trailer12 Oct 2016watch video
Teaser Trailer: The Hartnell Episodes In Colour 7 Aug 2016watch video
Doctor Who in Colour - True Colors (remake)16 Jan 2016watch videoINFO
Doctor Who in Colour - Daleks' Master Plan (remake)8 Jan 2016watch video


Audiobook - Pure Blood 31 Oct 2015watch video
Daleks! The Cage That Screams 10 Oct 2015watch video
Doctor Who In Colour - Planet of the Daleks Test 23 Sep 2015watch video
The Ten Doctors Part 4: The Final Trap 13 Sep 2015watch video
Ten Doctors Part 4 Teaser Trailer 0218 Jul 2015watch video
The Vanishing Brig13 ‎Jun ‎2015DeletedINFO
Ten Doctors Part 4 Teaser Trailer 01 11 Jun 2015watch video
BabyFish - The DVD Commentary (April Fools)31 Mar 2015UnlistedINFO
Just Me - A 5 Million Views Celebration21 Mar 2015Unlisted
Doctor Who In Colour - 1963 Trailer 15 Mar 2015watch video
Series 8 Tribute 31 Jan 2015watch video
The Time War Chronicles III - The Last Day25 Jan 2015watch video


The Time War Chronicles I - The Beginning 24 Dec 2014watch video
Doolally 2 28 Sep 2014watch video
Doctor Who In Colour - Terrror of the Zygons 21 Sep 2014watch video
War Doctor Tribute - Who In Fire8 Sep 2014watch video
5678 (‘Foot-Tapper’ remake)2 Sep 2014watch video
Doctor Who In Colour - The Mind of Evil9 Aug 2014watch video
Pertwee Sings The Noodle Doodle Man 8 Aug 2014watch video
Flash Bang Wallop! 13 Apr 2014watch video
The Companions – Feelin’ Good (remake)1 Apr 2014watch video
The Ten Doctors Part 3 (remake)7 Mar 2014watch video
The Ten Doctors Part 2 (remake)7 Mar 2014watch video
The Ten Doctors Part 1 (remake)6 Mar 2014watch video


Every Story Tribute (version 4) - 50th Anniversary31 Dec 2013watch video
Fire & Ice Babelcolour Promo 17 ‎Nov ‎2013DeletedINFO
Remembrance Sunday Tribute (version 2)10 Nov 2013watch video
Matt Smith Tribute - The Rise of the Eleventh21 Apr 2013watch video
The Lost Videos: 2008 Pertwee Titles (remake)19 Feb 2013watch videoINFO
The Troughton Years In Colour 12 Feb 2013watch video
The Hartnell Years In Colour 8 Feb 2013watch video


Colour Test @ 6 Sep 2012Watch video
Goldmaster @ 29 Aug 2012Watch video
Memorial Tribute - The Noblest Romana of Them All 27 Jul 2012watch video
Memorial Tribute - Farewell Elizabeth Shaw 22 Jun 2012watch video
Sylvester McCoy Tribute - Little Man (remake)13 May 2012watch video
Who The Hell Is That Babelcolour Bloke 10 Feb 2012UnlistedINFO
Every Story Tribute (version 3) 20 Jan 2012watch video


Ten Doctors Part 4 Teaser Trailer 21 Dec 2011watch video
Remembrance Sunday Tribute (version 1)13 Nov 2011Deleted
‘You And Who’ Book Advert 06 ‎Nov ‎2011Deleted Link
Who Tribute - What About Everything 24 Sep 2011watch video
Colourisation Video - Babelcolour Portfolio26 Jul 2011watch video
River Song Tribute – Falling Through Time5 Jun 2011watch video
Lis Sladen Memorial - Tears for Sarah Jane 25 Apr 2011watch video
The Babelcolour Fear Factor28 Mar 2011watch video
The Babelcolour 3 Million‎16 ‎Mar ‎2011DeletedINFO
Nick Courtney Memorial - My Immortal Brigadier 2 Mar 2011watch video


Doolally Who 18 Nov 2010watch videoINFO
Ten Doctors Part 319 Sep 2010watch video
Ten Doctors Part 3 Teaser Trailer 27 May 2010watch video
David Tennant Tribute - We'll Never Forget You 28 Feb 2010watch video
Sylvester MCoy Tribute - Little Man (widescreen remake)11 Feb 2010Deleted
The Ten Doctors Part 2 3 Jan 2010watch video


Ten Doctors Part 2 Teaser Trailer26 Oct 2009watch video
The Making of 'The Ten Doctors Part One' 23 Sep 2009watch video
The Ten Doctors PART 1 3 Sep 2009Deleted Link
The Ten Doctors Teaser Trailer17 Aug 2009watch video
Gallifrey Base - Forum Advert18 ‎Jun ‎2009DeletedINFO
The Hartnell Years13 Jun 2009watch video
Master Plan In Colour – The Song of Freedom25 ‎May ‎2009DeletedINFO
Five Doctors Redux – From 5 to 1021 Apr 2009watch video
Doctor Who Misinformation Guide7 Apr 2009watch videoINFO
The McCoy Years14 Feb 2009watch video
Sylvester McCoy Tribute - Little Man (remake)07 ‎Feb ‎2009Deleted
Doctor Who: The Beginning Boxset1 Feb 2009watch video
Marco Polo Recon – Episode 0119 ‎Jan ‎2009DeletedINFO


Christmas Boogie - 10 Disco Dancing Doctors 23 Dec 2008watch videoINFO
Colourisation Video – Colourblind 19 Dec 2008DeletedINFO
Babelcolour Christmas07 ‎Dec ‎2008DeletedINFO
Time War (version 3 - Davros)25 Nov 2008watch videoINFO
David Tennant Tribute – The Traveller14 Oct 2008watch videoINFO
New Jon Pertwee Title Sequence28 Sep 2008DeletedINFO
Every Story Tribute (version 2) – 45 Year Anniversary07 Jul 2008watch video
Babelcolour Symphony – Time Lord Under Attack30 Jun 2008watch video
Colourised Teaser Trailer – Planet of Daleks16 ‎Jun ‎2008DeletedINFO
Colourised Teaser Trailer – Master Plan 27 ‎May ‎2008Deleted INFO
Colourised Teaser Trailer – The Invasion (remake)26 ‎May ‎2008DeletedINFO
Colourisation Video – Calling Doctor Who2008DeletedINFO
Doctor Who vs Benny Hill vs Eminem vs Babelcolour04 Mar 2008watch video
Doctor Who Lightsaber Duel25 Feb 2008watch videoINFO
Time War (version 2 - The Master)20 Feb 2008DeletedINFO
Davros Tribute12 Feb 2008DeletedINFO
Babelcolour Channel Promo30 Jan 2008watch videoINFO
New Who Tribute - Escaflowne10 Jan 2008DeletedINFO


Colourised Teaser Trailer – The Invasion20 Dec 2007Deleted
Colourisation Video - True Colours01 Nov 2007Deleted
The Gallifrey Chronicles2007Deleted
The New Two Doctors (Baker Meets Tennant)2007DeletedINFO
Power Of The Daleks In Colour - I've Got the Power!23 Sep 2007DeletedINFO
Babelcolour Foot-Tapper (5678)16 Sep 2007DeletedINFO
Prequel - The Rise of Morbius08 ‎Sep ‎2007DeletedINFO
Every Story Tribute (version 1)02 Aug 2007Deleted
Master Tribute - Nothing Else Matters30 Jun 2007watch video
Colourisation Video – Skaro or Bust2007Deleted
DVD Trailer – Genesis of the Daleks24 May 2007watch videoINFO
DVD Trailer – Talons of Weng Chiang2007DeletedINFO
DVD Trailer – The Five Doctors2007Deleted
DVD Trailer – Resurrection of the Daleks2007Deleted
DVD Trailer – Pyramids of MarsMay 2007Deleted
Beginner's Guide – The Doctor18 Apr 2007watch videoINFO
Third Doctor Tribute - The Hero (re-upload)23 Mar 2007watch video
The Time War (version 1)19 Mar 2007Deleted
Tom Baker Tribute - A Bohemian Rhapsody15 Mar 2007DeletedINFO


Companions Tribute - Feelin' Good21 Dec 2006Deleted
Colourisation Video - No Such thing As Aliens19 Nov 2006DeletedINFO
Master Plan In Colour- The Final Countdown07 Nov 2006Deleted
Alternative Doctors Tribute - The Great Pretender05 Nov 2006Deleted
Babelcolour Celebration - Floorfiller 30 Oct 2006watch video
Patrick Troughton Tribute - The Cosmic Hobo24 Oct 2006watch video
Chris Eccleston Tribute - So Macho20 Oct 2006watch video
Peter Davison Tribute – Bowled Over14 Oct 2006watch video
David Tennant Tribute – The Mockney Cockney07 Oct 2006watch video
Paul McGann Tribute – An Englishman in New York04 Oct 2006watch video
Jon Pertwee Tribute – The Hero02 Oct 2006Deleted
William Hartnell Tribute – Back In ‘6419 Sep 2006watch video
Sylvester McCoy Tribute - Little Man15 Sep 2006Deleted
Colin Baker Tribute – A Coat of Many Colours10 Sep 2006watch video
Doctor Who Tribute04 Sep 2006Deleted
Colour Pre-Titles: Hartnell on Quinnis27 Aug 2006Deleted
Colourisation Video – Doctor On The Train11 Aug 2006DeletedINFO