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Friday 11 May 2007

"Top 10 Doctor Who YouTube videos"

by assistant editor Scott Matthewman

On-Line Review

4.  Babel's Doctor Who Colourisations

A music video with a difference. Set to ‘No Such Thing As Aliens’ by Sparks,
every frame of this two-minute pop number has been hand-coloured
from the original black-and-white footage.

9.  The Time War

Created as a concept by Russell T. Davies to explain why 2005’s Doctor was the ‘Last of the Time Lords’,
the Time War will (should?) never be portrayed on screen. Which of course
makes it  a fertile ground for fans to imagine what happened.
This video cleverly uses clips from the original series, 1996’s TV Movie and the current series.
In a masterstroke, it reworks Tom Baker monologues from classic serials
The Deadly Assassin and State of Decay to fit in seamlessly.